Business Software Solutions, Database Development and Programming Services in Tigard and Portland

Database Development and Business Solutions

We want to help make your business more competitive, productive, and successful. With Beraten Software, you can be sure that you’ve got the solution you need to reach your business goals. We believe in sustainable business solutions and that is why we demonstrate best practices in database development and software technologies. We provide superior service and quality including state-of-the-art architectural & design techniques throughout the software development lifecycle.

Our end-to-end solution deployment is simple - it involves:

Working closely with you to understand your specific business requirements

Analyzing your needs and transforming them into detailed workflows

Integrating business requirements into prototype applications

Streamlining UAT process by executing quality assurance criteria

Why Custom Software and Database Development?

You can find applications to store and organize your data everywhere but none of those are designed to truly fit your needs. In many cases, the way you do things cannot be squeezed into a generic database – that’s why you need a custom solution.

Regardless of your business size, a custom database application can maximize profits by saving time and producing more relevant results. From small businesses to large corporations, Beraten Software can translate complex business requirements into highly intuitive software that can get your business operations streamlined. In addition, Beraten will give you the right advice so you can make effective decisions quickly and with certainty.

Our Skills Used Towards Delivering Your Solution

  • .Net Core and DotNet Framework Technologies using Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Web development using ASP.Net Core, HTML5, JQuery, C#.Net, Entity Framework, LINQ
  • Desktop Application development using WPF & Winforms, C#
  • Universal App Development using XAML, C#.Net
  • Middle tier component development using C#, C++
  • Database Development using SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access
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C# development from Beraten
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Visual Studio development from Beraten
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