Enterprise Business Solutions

Beraten Software offers a range of data-driven enterprise business solutions which can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Positivity - Mental Health Records

Helping another human being overcome their emotional, mental and physical obstacles is a tough challenge any organization can face when offering behavior health services - it's a difficult task to track the many aspects of treatment progress while trying to improve people's lives. With Positivity your organization can define the steps needed to address clients' current challenges and move them forward to meeting their goals and overcoming their life’s challenges.

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Hemaiya - A Data-Driven Solution For Child Welfare & Family Safety

With Hemaiya, your organization will be able to work with children and their families to help steer them towards a brighter future.
Hemaiya is built on basic principles:
  1. Identify the problem by creating relationships with the child and family
  2. Create a Safety Plan with goals and measurable objectives
  3. Observe patterns by monitoring the progress and help them move forward

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Integro - Juvenile Case Management

Integro can help your organization benefit from integrated human service delivery model and evidence based practices that:
  1. Focus on integrating all essential agencies into one team that meet weekly for staffing
  2. Ensure integrated teams are directed by developed protocols implemented with fidelity
  3. Sponsors data driven decision making connected by a shared services

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Balyhoos Marketing - Connecting Businesses With Customers

In today’s digital world, it’s essential for a business to have a Website and online presence. Websites are great to have, and they need to generate a return on investment. But when your website alone is not enough, balyhoos marketing can empower you in giving your customers a reason to make a buying decision right out of your Website.

Balyhoos Marketing enables business owners to drive more customers using their own websites. From creating coupons to social networking, Businesses can SAVE hundreds of dollars with balyhoos marketing.

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